We had a large turnout for the walking tours held last month and appreciate everyone who took valuable time out of their day to participate.  Your thoughtful comments and feedback are invaluable to the development of good walkway policies for our downtown area.

Our chalkboards were up for over a month and now have been taken down as we wrap up our initial public outreach campaign. We have collected hundreds of great comments from the chalkboards! Thanks for your participation! The feedback we received from this outreach will help us as we develop a policy proposal for Salt Lake City’s downtown walkways and will help inform our elected officials about what you would like to see in our alleys and walkways.

The team is working to compile the comments we have received and will post a summary online soon. We will also update this page with more information as walkway policies are drafted in order to get your feedback.

Although our chalkboards have been packed up, if you have thoughts about what you’d like to see in our downtown alleys and midblock walkways, please visit our Speak Out page and leave us a comment!

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