About the Project

Project Background


The Midblock Walkways Project is a joint effort between the Planning Division and the RDA to address walkability in the Downtown. Salt Lake City’s large 10-acre blocks can be overwhelming to pedestrians. Frequent breaks contribute to varied and dense street life because they provide choice for pedestrians and cyclists. The more connected the street pattern, the greater the walkability of an area. Midblock walkways are defined as those streets, alleys, and non-vehicular ways that connect people through the Plat of Zion blocks. Some of these are private easements and some are public rights-of-way. Our intent is to improve the pedestrian experience of these walkways and encourage development of new walkways through a lead-by-example program of redesign and through policy in the form of design guidelines.



To increase pedestrian connectivity and overall livability downtown by developing a comprehensive strategy for midblock walkway development, design guidelines, and by building an attractive and functional midblock walkway as a demonstration project.

In June of 2012, the City conducted a pedestrian count and survey in order to establish a baseline of activity in these areas and to get some preliminary feedback about why they are, or are not, being used. The results of the survey are summarized in the Pedestrian Count & Survey Report.